Johnny Holliday: American Broadcaster


"You think Johnny Holliday is a great sportscaster? You should've seen him on the court, as a blazing point guard on various radio station basketball teams. And you should've heard Johnny as a rapid-fire DJ, spinning stacks of hot wax at topflight Top 40 stations, from San Francisco to New York City. In "From Rock To Jock," Stephen Moore slows him down just enough to tell you Johnny's amazing story."Ben Fong-Torres, Author, "The Hits Just Keep On Coming.”


"A delightful auctobiographical  memoir... a sweet read." -- Leonard Shapiro, The Washington Post


"In Miami, in Rochester, in Cleveland, in New York, in San Francisco, in Washington, DC. Over the years, hundreds of thousands of kids in city apartments and suburban tract houses and rural barns tuned into Johnny Holliday, eager for his voice, knowing he was speaking just to them." -- From the Foreword by Tony Kornheiser


"An exuberant account that will make you smile, and then laugh out loud. What a life!" -- Cokie Roberts, ABC, NPR Radio


"Fascinating, and also historically significant... I guarantee you will enjoy this book." --- Claude Hall, , Radio Daily News












With Tony Kornheiser and Johnny at ESPN, 2004. Tony wrote the Foreword to our book.

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