Frank Zappa Tribute   by Stephen Moore in 2003


In 1995, Frank Zappa was posthumously inducted in the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame by Lou Reed  "One of the things I most regret is not knowing Frank better," Reed admitted --which no doubt caused some to wonder why Lou was on stage to begin with. Frank's daughter, Moon gave a borderline-tearful acceptance speech, ending with "I am sorry my Dad's not here to receive this. He would have enjoyed it."


For many devoted followers of Frank Zappa's music and iconoclastic personality, the thought of Frank "enjoying" the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame is dubious. Frank Zappa might have placed his induction in Cleveland's Rock Hall in the same category as other tributes by rock journalists, record executives, and radio station programmers that came very late in his career. Zappa fought these guys for years just to stay in the business and he knew they never really understood what he was up to musically  Read More        . 



Interviews with Frank Zappa players:

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