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"A wide-ranging yet remarkably intimate history." (read more Kirkus Reviews


" To list all of the performers who are a part of this book would take way too much space in this review, and while the book could not practically feature the thousands of artists who have performed at the venue over the years, there are enough presented here to make any music fan very happy with what is included.  I love that the majority of the book is spent telling the story of the Birchmere through the reflections of the artists who played there.  The way each section segues into the next makes it a very fluid and enjoyable read.  It makes the reader feel as though, no matter what genre of music a performer identifies with, they all share a common bond that is the Birchmere....I highly recommend this book to anyone who has attended a show at the Birchmere.  It will bring you back.  But this is also a book that anyone who is a fan of music of any genre can thoroughly enjoy because in the telling of the Birchmere’s story through the words of those who performed there, the authors allow you to learn things about your musical heroes that you probably did not know and will not learn from any other source. "

      Dan Miller -- Bluegrass Unlimited (read more)



When you're a gypsy like me, you look forward to being around people who are like-minded. The Birchmere has the feel of a family. I smile when I see this booking appear on my tour calendar. I love their open mind and willingness to present all genres of great music."

     Vince Gill -- 22-time Grammy Award Winner.


"I'm so glad this book was done to summarize the Birchmere's remarkable run and to honor the performers who "arrived" by playing the legendary hall. Again, I never did, and I regret it. If not on stage, my thanks for including me in the story.'

      Bob Schieffer -- Face the Nation moderator for 24 years during nearly five

                               decades  as a CBS News Correspondent.


"What a fantastic book! Thank you, Gary and Steve, for bringing to light such great memories. For me, working there since the Seventies and watching Gary mixing the sound in the back of the room and Pudge entertaining us all were the best times. Meeting my two early heroes from the Country Gentlemen, John Duffey and Tom Gray made it all so right. Along with many of my contemporaries. I hold the Birchmere up as one of - if not the most outstanding club to perform in. I always look forward to playing the Birchmere. What a joy!” 

       Chris Hillman -- Rock and Roll Hall of Famer of The Byrds


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