FOREWORD to Helen Hayes: A Bio-Bibliography (1993, Greenwood Press)

I am not one to sit and ponder about the past. There is too much in the present demanding attention. So much to see! So much to encounter in the world!  And so I have never stopped to keep scrapbooks. I’ve been terrible about that one thing and I am sorry. I apologize to the world for it.


I guess I haven’t had any great sense of myself as history because as I lived my life, that was enough for me. I never kept my notices, good or bad. They came through and then passed out of my hands and out of my life.


But it is good to know what the past has been: that enables you to enjoy the present. Therefore I appreciate this assembly of such a host of names of my fellow players and such a grand recording of past events. The memories rush back! I appreciate the research effort which went into this volume which will remind me of so much I had forgotten in my long and overcrowded life. Donn Murphy and Stephen Moore remember more about me than I do, I can tell you that! This project has been a delight to me.


But the best part was living it, and for that I give thanks!                                    Buy this Book Information


Helen Hayes
Nyack, New York
October 10, 1991



Helen Hayes' Earliest Theater Credits

The following are from Helen Hayes: A Bio-Bibliography by Donn B. Murphy and Stephen Moore (Greenwood Press, 1993)
1905 "Miss Hawke's May Ball"
Minnie Hawke's Dancing School recital
(as Irish Dancer)
1909 "Jack the Giant Killer"
(as Gibson Girl and Nell Brinkley Girl impersonators)
Belasco Theatre, Washington, D.C.
1909 "A Royal Family" (as Prince Charles Ferdinand)
Columbia Theatre, Washington, D.C.
1909 "Children's Dancing Kermess"
Chase's Theatre, Washington, D.C.
(as Impersonation of "The Nell Brinkley Girl")

1909 "Old Dutch"

Herald Square Theatre, New York

1909 "A Poor Relation"
Columbia Theatre, Washington, D.C.
(as Patch)

1910 "The Summer Widowers"
Broadway Theatre, Washington, D.C.
1911 "The Barrier"
Columbia Theatre, Washington, D.C.
(as Molly an Alaskan Child)

1911 "Little Lord Fauntleroy"
Columbia Theatre, Washington, D.C.
(as Cedric Errol)

1911 "The Never Homes"
Broadway Theatre, New York

1911 "The Seven Sisters"
Columbia Theatre, Washington, D.C.
(as Klara, the Youngest Daughter)

1911 "Mary Jane's Pa"
Columbia Theatre, Washington, D.C.

1912 "The June Bride"
Harmanus Bleecher Hall, Albany, New York
(as The Holder's Child)
1913 "Flood Victim's Benefit"
New National Theatre, Washington, D.C.

1913 "The Girl With Green Eyes"
Columbia Theatre, Washington, D.C.
(as Susie, the Flower Girl)

1913 "His House in Order"
Columbia Theatre, Washington, D.C.
(as Derek Jesson, his son)

1913 "A Royal Family"
Columbia Theatre, Washington, D.C.
(as Prince Charles Ferdinand)

1913 "The Prince Chap"
Columbia Theatre, Washington, D.C.

1913 "The Prince And The Pauper"
Columbia Theatre, Washington, D.C.
(as Tom Canty and Edward, Prince of Wales)

1914 "The Prodigal Husband"
Empire Theatre, New York
(as Young Simone)

1916 "The Dummy"
Poli's Theatre, Washington, D.C.
(as Beryl Meredith, the Kidnapper's Hostage)
1916 "On Trial"
Poli's, Washington, D.C.
(as His Daughter, Doris Strickland)

1917 "It Pays to Advertise
Poli's Theatre, Washington, D.C.
(as Marie, Maid at the Martins)

1917 "Romance"
Poli's Theatre, Washington, D.C.
(as Suzette)

1917 "Just a Woman"
Poli's Theatre, Washington, D.C.
(as the Hired Girl)

1917 "Mile-A-Minute-Kendall"
Poli's Theatre, Washington, D.C.
(as Beth)

1917 "Rich Man, Poor Man"
Poli's Theatre, Washington, D.C.
(as Linda Hurst)

1917 "Alma, Where Do You Live?"
Poli's Theatre, Washington, D.C.
(as Germain)

1917 "Mrs. Wiggs of the Cabbage Patch"
Poli's Theatre, Washington, D.C.
(as Asia)
1917 "Within the Law"
Poli's Theatre, Washington, D.C.

1917 "Pollyanna"
Lyceum Theatre, Rochester, New York
(as Pollyanna Whittier, The Glad Girl)

1918 "Penrod"
Globe Theatre, New York
1918 "Dear Brutus"
Empire Theatre, New York
(as Margaret, his daughter)
1919 "On the Hiring Line"
National Theatre, Washington, D.C.
(as Dorothy Fessenden, his daughter)

1919 "Clarence"
Nixon's Apollo, Atlantic City, New Jersey

1919 "The Golden Age"
Nixon's Apollo Theatre, Atlantic City, New Jersey

1919 "Clarence"
Hudson Theatre, New York
(as Cora Wheeler)

1920 "Bab"
Park Theatre, New York
(as Bab)

1921 "The Wren"
Gaiety Theater, New York
(as Seeby Olds)


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